There was a time, not long ago...


...that a cruise would set sail in the evening. Passengers would go sailing out Little Egg Inlet as the sun would set. They’d arrive in Atlantic City for a night on the town and then make the voyage back under the stars. Some actually dove off the boat as it came back to the docks in Beach Haven. We have no idea who those people were.

But when we opened our spot in 2005 on Centre Street in Beach Haven, a block from those docks, we knew we wanted to name it after the Black Whale Cruise.

Prior to the Black Whale, we did fish. We knew crabs, flounder, clams, and tuna steaks. Opening the Black Whale wasn’t just an exciting new foray into running a local watering hole – it was being part of the thriving Queen City, just far enough off the Boulevard, easy to duck into just off the beach.  We adorned it with the work of our local artist friends, stocked the bar with drinks we had found traveling around the world and came up with new creative dishes to compliment the favorites we had already established our other eateries.

Today, we are Beach Haven’s neighborhood bar, open for family lunch and dinner right through late night high balls of fine whiskey. Just don’t jump overboard.